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In order to get a price offer from us, you will need to send us by email or through our platform a Panoramic Dental X-RAY of your teeth. This will enable us to tell you the price with approximation, and also the timeframe necessary to complete the treatment, so you can organize your holiday. If you need our help we can point you to the closest service you can get a Panoramic Dental X-Ray done.

Your trip

Once we agreed on a treatment plan, we can help you organize your trip to our city, also we offer free shuttle service to your convenience. A round-trip by plane from London costs around 180 pounds if you book your flight early. Also, depending on your requirements and need, we can act as a concierge service for you, arranging bookings at restaurants and arranging sightseeings and short trips.

Your stay

You will be staying at our preferred accomodation which we offer for free. This apartment is centrally located at 150 yards from the city centre, close to coffee shops and restaurants, rated currently 9.5 on For unbiased reviews and photos, please click on the following link.

Financial information

We accept payment in cash or bank transfer. Automatically we provide you with an invoice and receipt in case you have the possibility to deduct or get a refund from you Insurance Company.

Our services

Cleaning and prevention

Prevention is the most efficient and affordable way to keep the best oral health. Our team can guarantee results you can benefit from for years to come.

Cosmetic dentistry

Studies show that smiling can greatly influence our confidence, an important pillar of healthy relationships. Get your confidence back and start each day with a beautiful smile.

Tooth replacement

Digestion starts in the mouth, thus a properly functioning digestive system presumes healthy dentition. Our team will work out a dental action plan, which corresponds to your specific needs.

Extraction and preservation

Although our goal is to save all permanent teeth through preventive and restorative dentistry, in some situations, teeth are beyond salvation.

Our work style

We believe that quality requires time and also good work environment which appeals to the patient and to our dentists also.

“Quality means doing the right thing when no one is looking.”
Henry Ford

dentist at work in SmileKlinik

Our Team

dentist dr. Adamosi Klaudia

Dr. Ádámosi Klaudia

Specialist in Prosthetic Dentistry

dr. Jánosi György

Dr. Jánosi György

surgery - dentist

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