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Cosmetic dentistry

Studies show that smiling can greatly influence our confidence, an important pillar of healthy relationships. Not only do our emotions affect our mimicry, but our displayed emotions influence our mood as well. It is a two-way street, just like our joint effort to give you the best version of yourself. Get your confidence back and start each day with a beautiful smile.


  • Your teeth can become whiter and brighter
  • Metal fillings and crowns can be replaced
  • Your teeth can be reshaped
  • Gaps between your teeth can be filled
  • Crowded teeth can be corrected
  • Missing teeth can be replaced
  • Chipped or cracked teeth can be repaired

Foods and drinks can stain your teeth over the years. PROFESSIONAL TEETH WHITENING will restore the original beauty of your teeth, giving you quick and visible results. We can all use another reason to smile!

COMPOSITE FILLINGS can be a solution to an array of issues, such as chips, fractures and cavities. They blend into the affected area so smoothly, you will not know you ever had a problem.

We can give injured teeth a new life. A healthy tooth base can be completed with a PORCELAIN CROWN, which blends in so well, it becomes your own. Besides aesthetics, porcelain crowns will make your teeth fully functional again.

Damage to our teeth can be caused by our lifestyle or injuries, or just by normal wear and tear. In some situations, a tooth can be so compromised, that a root canal becomes necessary to fix it.


SmileKlinik dent client open mouth

It is essential to treat problems early in order to avoid tooth loss. Crowns, also known as caps, can complete and protect compromised teeth. Since they are made of materials that are nearly nature-identical, crowns are very smooth and safe.

Crowns can be used on one or more teeth, or even on all of them. In case one or more teeth are missing, there are other ways and techniques to repair your dentition, such as implants or dental bridges.

After a plan is put in place, only two visits are necessary to fix your damaged tooth. First, our professionals get the affected tooth ready, so they can build the porcelain cap over it.

Your doctor will provide a highly specialised laboratory with all the relevant information, where technicians will finish your porcelain crown, typically in a week.


 In the meantime, you will get a temporary crown, so you can use your teeth normally.

The second time, your doctor will make sure the crown is a perfect fit. After it is put in place and all the necessary adjustments are made, your tooth will be like new.

Injuries can be of varying degrees; some can be fixed with a filling, others require a crown. In cases that fall in between the two, an ONLAY might be the perfect solution. Porcelain onlays are a durable way to give teeth the extra reinforcement they need. 

Healthy teeth require healthy gums. GUM CONTOURING is a non-invasive way to give your gums the perfect shape, making your teeth beautiful and healthy anew.