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Our prices

Designed to meet your needs

Dental implants

Dental implant + abutment 

650 pounds

Dental surgery

Sinus lift

900 pounds

Tooth extraction (frontal, premolar, molar)

50-70 pounds

Surgical extraction

150 pounds

Root apices resection

150 pounds

Root canal treatment

85 pounds/canal (max. 340 pounds/tooth)

Dental crowns and bridges

Porcelain fused to metal crown 170 pounds
Zirconium crown 320 pounds
Temporary crown 20 pounds
Metal-ceramic crown on an implant 210 pounds
Zirconium crown on an implant 330 pounds

Aesthetic treatments

Composite (white) filling

50-80 pounds

Temporary filling

10 pounds

Porcelain inlay

200 pounds

Zirkonium inlay

230 pounds

Dental hygiene with tartar removal and polishing

50 pounds


Full denture with acrylic teeth 400 pounds
Temporary denture 200 pounds
Partial denture with clasps 580 pounds
Partial denture with slides (metal base and artificial teeth) 950 pounds
Full denture with porcelain teeth 600 pounds

More dental services

Local anaesthesia


Panoramic dental x-ray (digital)

10 pounds

Small x-ray (digital)

5 pounds