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Extractions and preservation

Although our goal is to save all permanent teeth through preventive and restorative dentistry, in some situations, teeth are beyond salvation. In severe cases, fractures, deep cavities, overcrowding, bone disorders or problematic wisdom teeth warrant extraction.


The idea of surgery might be off-putting, but the newest techniques are completely safe and painless. Our number one goal is to keep you safe and comfortable, while providing you with all the necessary information, so we can help you make the best decision.

Occasionally, despite our best efforts, EXTRACTIONS cannot be avoided. In these cases, we work out a plan that controls for all of your worries throughout the process.



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ORAL SURGERY may sometimes be the necessary course of action to fix gum or bone problems. Through quick biopsy techniques, we can reveal the reasons causing your problem.

Although some people may be wary regarding ROOT CANALS, they are a perfectly safe type of treatment to specific problems. A root canal is an infection-fighting procedure that can save teeth from extraction and are no riskier than any other modern dental treatment.

Teeth are just as alive as any other tissue in our bodies, comprised of several layers. Thus, a toothache can be an intense experience. While all of our teeth are healthy and cared for, we do not even realise their complex anatomy and functioning.

When the protective layers of a tooth become compromised, the softer tissue in its center can be harmed, making you quite uncomfortable. This kind of pain is meant to warn you that the sensitive tissue of your teeth is in danger.

When the enamel is incomplete, dangerous bacteria can make their way into the core of the tooth, causing disease. A tooth fracture can cause structural problems, needing treatment to take the load off of the affected tooth. Sometimes, infection of the jawbone can go completely unnoticed; when discovered, a root canal may be the right solution to the problem.

If the nerve is affected and needs to be removed, modern dentistry can offer you pain-free removal. After we disinfect and shape the root canal, we replace the affected nerve with a sealer. The tooth is then filled or capped, giving it back its full function.

Our teeth are kept in place by our bones, which give them the necessary stability. Unfortunately, bone loss cannot be reversed. When imperfections of these bones affect the use of our teeth, we might perform BONE GRAFTING to restore the original structure.