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Tooth replacement

Digestion starts in the mouth, thus a properly functioning digestive system presumes healthy dentition. An incomplete dentition can encumber biting and chewing, possibly affecting the intricate process of digestion. Teeth often do not last us our whole lifetime, whether we lose teeth as a result of an accident or a cavity. If we postpone treatment, teeth can shift over time, causing graver problems.

In the past, we had limited options regarding tooth replacement. Thankfully, restorative dentistry evolved over the years, offering us a wide range of possibilities. Dental therapeutics may be a good option for you, although oftentimes implants offer the best solution to restore correct chewing and a beautiful smile.

There is no need for you to be an expert in dentistry in order to make the best decision. Our experts are here to assess your particular situation and to come up with a personalised solution to your problem.

IMPLANTS can be beneficial for chewing correctly, overall health, and can give you the perfect smile. Porcelain is the ideal material for crowns, with a natural feel and durability. A combination of crowns, implants and bridges can be uniquely applied to your specific situation.

Although growing new teeth is not a possibility, implants come surprisingly close to it. Our experts use your bone as support for your newly implanted teeth, giving you the satisfaction of a full dentition. Porcelain is remarkably smooth and beautiful, giving you the impression that your new implants are your own naturally grown teeth. Porcelain implants are strong enough to provide a great base for DENTURES.

Our team will work out a dental action plan, which corresponds to your specific needs.

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At the SURGICAL STAGE, IMPLANTS are placed with proper anaesthetization and is simpler than ever before… A sterile cylinder is precisely placed into a small pilot hole, which is then covered, until it completely heals.

Sometimes, a crown is also placed during surgery, temporarily or permanently, depending on each individual case. If several implants are needed, temporary crowns are used during the healing period, so you can enjoy your new teeth right away.

Initially, new implants need to be protected from the usual bite forces, until they fully fuse with the bone. The healing process may take 3 to 6 months, while you may experience minor discomfort. Your doctor will provide you with helpful information on how you can be more careful in the healing period, when using your new implants.

At the RESTORATIVE STAGE, there are different ways to restore your teeth, after your IMPLANT is put in place.

When your implants are fully healed, crowns and bridges can be screwed or cemented onto them. Closely following the personalised plan our team worked out for you at the initial stage, your doctor will complete the restoring process, whether it is just one tooth or your whole dentition.

The dental bridge got its name from actual bridges, due to their obvious similarities. Just like the two shores of a river support the bridge, your teeth support the dental bridge. Both sides have to be stable, so the bridge can function properly for a long period of time. The dental bridge is made of long-lasting materials that are glued to the supporting teeth on each side. If the supporting teeth erode, the functionality of the bridge can be compromised.

Implants are often the optimal solution to a properly functioning dentition. Along with the supporting bone, implants work just like natural roots. PORCELAIN BRIDGES can be built over these durable, titanium-based implants, taking off the load of adjacent teeth.


The more teeth are missing, the more complicated the planning, but our professionals are experienced in such challenges and will find the course of treatment most suitable for you.

FULL OR PARTIAL DENTURES have been a popular and cost-effective way to make your smile whole again, giving us the possibility to replace multiple teeth. They are very effective in improving the way you chew your food.

A full denture is applied, in case all of your teeth are missing, while a partial one fixes gaps. Just like all of our other techniques, we personalise dentures and build them in a way that suits your specific needs. Replacing several teeth can improve your chewing, as well as your digestion, in a major way.

Occasionally, cavities or gum disease become so serious, some or all teeth need to be extracted. In cases like these, CONVENTIONAL AND IMPLANT-SUPPORTED DENTURES are affordable ways to complete your smile.

Dentures have a natural look and give the impression they are your own natural teeth. A thin gum colored layer made of acrylic will cover your actual gums. The teeth of the dentures made of acrylic or porcelain give the impression you have all of your permanent teeth. We can help you choose the teeth that complete your smile the best and look the most natural to you. Depending on your wishes, your new smile can be just like your original one, or you might go for a brand new look.

Dentures have been used for a long time, although modern dentistry can offer you improved ways to give you the comfort and look you desire. Besides the traditional way of fixation with adhesives, dental implants give you the option to occasionally remove your dentures, or to fasten them to your jawbone permanently. This technique can give you aesthetically pleasing dentures with more stability and durability than ever before. Even if you had issues with dentures in the past, we can help you find a more comfortable solution.